Q: Do I ‘Want’ or ‘Need’ a New Camera?

A: When it comes to cameras, if it’s something I’m personally buying that has to do with photos or digital media, the terms “want” and “need” are synonymous. As in, yes, I need a new camera because I want one. Got it? Great! Now, moving along.

I totally want or better yet, need a new camera. This one below just-so-happened to catch my eye on Twitter yesterday

and prompted me to ‘take action’ as we marketers would say, and I clicked to learn more about it. Which I of course know again, as an experienced marketer that learning more about it usually means reading a bullet-list of features which I then need to be able to perceive as benefits in order for me to jump (or um, formally “jump” here is used in place of “take action” you know, as in buyer behavior) and buy the camera.

That’s exactly what I’m having a hard time with, and primarily why I’m way overdue as far as I’m concerned for a new camera. I am seriously at a loss at how I’d target, yet even place me in a specific market, when I think about all the ways in which I use a camera. It’s almost as if I have to list the benefits in priority order according to each definable lifestyle. Sounds crazy, right?!

Yes, it is, but completely and totally true for me in this instance.

How can I not know what camera I want, you ask? Well, quite honestly I’m hoping one of my readers can help me and I will know what features I need based on the personal benefits I’d like my new camera to possess, which should indeed help me to narrow my camera search and come to a final decision after negotiating the priorities of those benefits/features.

So, that being stated, I’m all ears (eyes for you literals) if anyone can help me shop for, let alone speak features and benefits to a salesperson when my needs surround the following lifestyles: a mother, business owner, digital art hobbyist, photography-loving pixel geek who’s pressed for time, yet loves to learn????

Here’s the little diddy that had me do a “double-take” on Twitter yesterday:

Sony RX100 III

Gadgets We Love: Sony RX100 III http://t.co/DnCuFv35wg #gadgetnado pic.twitter.com/y4Ou1avS1u

— Forbes Tech News (@ForbesTech) December 3, 2014

One thought on “Q: Do I ‘Want’ or ‘Need’ a New Camera?

  1. Oh, dear… I’m with you. I’m dying for a camera, but I don’t know what I want and to be honest, here in Brazil they are pretty expensive… what makes it harder to choose.


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